The number of devices with Internet access is growing, especially with the Internet of Things. Consequently, the number of applications, programs, logins and passwords also grew. Today, people need passwords to access the phone, e-mail accounts, profiles on social networks, database applications, software on your work computer, among many others. There are so many logins, many end up confusing their own passwords or using the same for all.

The problem, besides the vulnerability that this kind of attitude entails, is that organizations are providing more and more Internet access to visitors, partners and customers without an efficient control of these connections, which puts their computer systems at risk.

Therefore, Aker developed A3S (Captive Portal and Single Sign-On)!

The A3S is a Unified Authentication Center, integrated solution to Aker Firewall UTM or third-party firewallsWhich has two essential tools for a streamlined and effective access to the corporate internet: O Aker Single Sign-On and the Captive Portal. Through its web interface, you can monitor and define who can access the Internet on your network, how long and how, and create unique and secure authentication for all its users.

Find out why you should use the A3S in your company!

Simplify and improve the security of Internet access for your business!

Increase control of your computing environment with A3S.

Aker Single Sign-On

Create a single authentication for users on your network without the need to install software on their workstations and avoiding the insertion and reinsertion of access credentials to Aker Firewall UTM, with Aker Single Sign-On.

O Aker Single Sign-On It provides more security to user login, increasing the productivity of your staff and reducing the burden of passwords on computer environment, to authenticate users of a Microsoft Network - com Active Directory – transparently, allowing the application of: Policies, Web Filtering, Application Filtering, Filtering Rules Profiles and other features of Aker Firewall UTM.

Captive Portal

Control devices and users connected to your network with Captive Portal. Limit the availability of network resources and offer an automated system authentication with multiple options (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) and integration with Aker Firewall UTM, providing greater security and agility to visitors, partners and customers to access the internet from your company.

Major Benefits
  • Greater control and security in Internet access for visitors or groups of users;
  • Greater performance, quality and stability of the network;
  • Limited access to network resources of your company;
  • Authentication and faster Internet access, not only for employees but also for visitors;
  • Reduces the spread of viruses and other malware on the network, as Worms, Trojans, Spyware, etc.;
  • It allows the application of rules of access, blocking, bandwidth control;
  • It offers multiple authentication options;
  • It provides users with automatic records;
  • Allows limitation of concurrent connections by setting the amount of access / device for each user, helping to prevent attacks such as, DoS (Denial of Service);
  • Better bandwidth control;
  • Time limit access for users and groups;
  • Reduce fatigue or overload passwords (password fatique / password overload);
  • It reduces the time spent in rehabilitation passwords;
  • Reduces IT costs: calls related to problems with passwords or user names;
  • It has simple administration interface;
  • Increases network security;
  • Speed, efficiency and flexibility in managing access.