The growing number of cyber threats jeopardizes companies of all sizes around the world.

Detection and rapid problem solving.

Get today this service and avoid headaches with your network environment.

What do you get with Aker Monitoring Service?
Real-time monitoring, 24x7x365.

The Aker experts monitor and track the availability and capacity of the network assets of your company, such as servers, routers, switches, firewalls and SQL databases.

Detection and rapid problem solving.

Incident goes unnoticed by our experts. By using an advanced technology program to monitor your network environment, so a problem is detected, our team immediately receive an alert by email or SMS.

Minimal impact to your business.

Our team of professionals, composed of experts in IT analysis, is able to respond to incidents with minimal impact on your network environment.

Graphing and reporting.

Our professionals collect and analyze information generated by monitoring your network, by means of an advanced technology program, provide easy viewing of reports to meet compliance requirements and security awareness.

Availability and optimization of their spending on digital security.

Aker Monitoring Service monitors the availability of your IT infrastructure, gathering and storing the logs from networks, hosts, and critical applications that can assist in investment decision-making processes. This way, you get the most of available resources to protect the digital environment of your company.