With the intense exposure of cases of cybercrime by the media, the impression is that most violations of networks and systems with data theft are part of our daily lives.

Aker has a team of ethical hackers, malware outside researchers and experts in Information Security.

When should I do a pentest in my business?
The performance of penetration testing is recommended at least once a year, or after changes in IT infrastructure and application environment, such as software updates, changes in security policy or firewall rules. Depending on the company's exposure, it is recommended even conducting quarterly pentests to discover new vulnerabilities hitherto unexplored.

Ensure the security of your environment. Between now contact one of our consultants and ask for a quote for Aker Pentest!

What Aker Pentest analyzes?



Critical applications


Physical security

Practices in the management of information

Existence and implementation of security policies

Why should I invest in Aker Pentest?
  • Demonstrates the degree of impact of an attack made from a vulnerability found in the system
  • Checks safety standards;
  • Allows the allocation of resources according to the priority of the company;
  • Offers in addition to automated analysis, manual analysis by an expert consultant;
  • Assists in making decisions, which will be based on real events;
  • Enables the adoption of preventive strategies.
Major Benefits
  • Agile process
  • Consultants with advanced knowledge in security analysis
  • Digital Security consistent reports