Known as Quality Assurance, quality assurance or QA is an audit service held in computing environments after implementing software or hardware. Applicable to solutions of any manufacturer, its purpose is to assess whether the product complies with all the requirements in the datasheet prepared by the company in order to conform to that organizational structure.

Aker Quality Assurance is an excellent ally in the quality control of the solutions implemented in your company. Investing in preventive practices like this, you reduce the incidence of problems in computing environment, avoiding waste costs to remedy these disorders and ensures user satisfaction. With the service of Aker, it still is evaluating the implementation risks, attesting to the reliability of the product, and check its functionality, capacity and performance.

Types of evaluation
Deploy performance problems on networks and applications
Identification of bottlenecks in the network and applications
Network load testing and applications
Performance testing and network stress and applications
Requirements reviews
  • Performance of the structure;
  • Level of use of hardware and software;
  • Response time of the online transaction;
  • Transaction processing time;
  • Network traffic throughput;
  • Number of simultaneous connections;
  • Number of concurrent sessions.
Major Benefits
  • Free evaluation
  • Quality control of software
  • Identification of possible flaws
  • Enables the adoption of preventive strategies
  • Prevents damage to the company and the dissatisfaction of users