We Aker Security Solutions we believe that our clients should use and get help in using our solutions in a practical and easily. Therefore, in addition to develop products with an intuitive graphical interface, we offer a service high quality standards and one of the most complete structures of the country technical support.

Our support services allow you take full advantage of Aker and maintaining the security of your network environment solutions to optimize service levels and reduce costs by providing service desk, remote support and on-site in two operating lines, Aker and Aker Everyday Support Fulltime Support.

How does it work?
Aker Everyday Support

Sales support, opening hours 8 × 5.

Aker Full Time Support

Differentiated service, ready to meet the emergency needs of customers operating in full operation, 24x7x365.

Service Desk Aker

Telephone service customized in Portuguese.

Aker Remote Support

Remote service through direct access or assisted platform.

Aker Field Service

On-site service. Our technician within your environment, closer to its necessity.

What are the advantages?
  • Garantia de SLA;
  • Rapid diagnosis;
  • Bug tracking, progress of incidents and problems;
  • Managing change in the IT environment;
  • Solving problems and incidents within hours;
  • Reduce operating costs;
  • Improvement in response between the client company;
  • Personalized service;
  • Service in Portuguese;
  • Quality of information given to the client;
  • Clarification of doubts;
  • On-site service;
  • Operational assistance and management of any crises.
Service Desk Aker

With Service Desk Aker you have at your disposal the expertise of our team of experts, trained and qualified to serve more efficiently the needs of our customers by offering a personalized service in PortugueseOr in English, if necessary.

Our schedule is aligned with the specificities of each client and can operate on 24x7x365 basis.

Aker Remote Support

Your safety is our priority. When operating our remote support team while reducing costs, you get instant assistance without technical move for your business while minimizing adverse impacts on your desktop. The very seat of Aker, our professionals connect over the Internet to customers' network assets, intervening quickly and directly on any of our equipment.

8 × 5 availability (Everyday Support) and 24 × 7 (Fulltime Support), Remote Support Aker offers better response between the client company to monitor real-time bugs, incidents, requests and their respective impacts on the network environment.

Aker Field Service

Our priority is to provide the customer a quality service with reasonable cost. Therefore, our performance in Field Service provides management and logistics services to control since the maintenance of Aker appliances, allocation and monitoring of professionals, materials / parts and services.

Formed by highly specialized support teams called for calls on the field, Aker guarantees the satisfaction of our customers by providing competent technical and able to meet all the commitments established SLAs, assembling a field team together with BackOffice experts.

What do you get with Aker Field Service?

  • On-site service;
  • Efficient resolution of problems and incidents;
  • Availability of resources;
  • Equipment availability;
  • 24x7x365 service;
  • Expertise in Aker Solutions and IT environments;
  • Environmental risks monitoring;
  • Customer satisfaction increased.
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