Aker Certified Professional. Show knowledge


Aker's products have won north of businesses to the south.

Now these organizations are looking for certified professionals in Aker tools and they have become priority at the time of contraction. This is because a highly trained staff ensures higher quality in the operation of solutions and speed in solving problems.

The Aker certification exams are held throughout Brazil. Send an email to educacao@aker.com.br and schedule your test.

Meet the Aker certifications

  • AFCP – Aker Firewall Certified Professional
  • ASMGCP – Aker Secure Mail Gateway Certified Professional
  • AWGCP – Aker Web Gateway Certified Professional
Major Benefits
For professionals

  • Proven expertise in Aker solutions;
  • Can act as an independent consultant;
  • Increase employability.
For companies:

  • Team most qualified to use the Aker tools;
  • Higher productivity and optimization of the results of work;
  • Cost savings with outsourced support.
How to study for certification

To prepare for our certifications, it is important that students make one of our training. Know our training clicking here.