Aker Training: Invest in knowledge!


Aker offers a range of training that seeks to qualify and train professionals to use their digital security solutions.

The courses last for 20-40 hours and are held throughout Brazil. Joining practice and theory, Aker Training provides technical improvement and is the best option for those who want to acquire some Aker Certification.

Know Aker training

Here's what you'll learn in our courses.

Aker Firewall Training
Learn in just 40 hours to manage security systems and master one of the most prestigious IT solutions market.

Aker Secure Mail Gateway Training
Stay on top of SPAM control techniques and spread of malware via email. Turn the e-mail in a secure communication tool.

Aker Web Gateway Training
With this course, you will be able to implement solutions for web access control. Take more safety and productivity to corporate networks.

Major Benefits
For professionals

  • Differential in the curriculum
  • Domain some of the most reputable solutions on the market
  • Deepening on issues related to information security
For companies

  • Investment in the qualification of employees
  • Higher productivity and optimization of working results
  • Cost savings with outsourced support