Safer Internet Family

Since 2012, Aker is partner in the project 'Movement Safer Family on the Internet,' a Social Responsibility Digital action aimed at the ethical use, safe and legal technology.

The content of the article "Digital Citizenship and Ethics" addresses the knowledge of rights and duties of the new citizens of the digital age, considering and advising on important and essential for the ethical and safe use of the Internet, such as online scams, pedophilia, piracy Click here and sign the digital petition.

The project was conceived by attorney Patricia Peck Pinheiro, main reference in digital law in the country.

The project site are available for free download, educational booklets with instructions and warnings to young Internet users on the proper use of new technologies, and tips and advice to parents and teachers on how to teach their children and students in the virtual era. Click here and download the booklets.

Learn more about the Family Movement Safer on the Internet, visit: