Awards Aker Firewall UTM receives certificate of Certics

Publicado em 6 de August de 2014

Since 1997 betting on the development of Brazilian technology, Aker has just taken another big and important step in the enhancement of national software. One of the main solutions company, Aker Firewall UTM, which is now in version 6.7, has just received certification from Certics.

Initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), the Certics was created to establish whether software is authentically Brazilian.

According to Lucas Pereira, Chief Technology Officer of Aker and one of those responsible for monitoring the certification process within the company, "the Certics is not only confirmation that the technology developed in Aker is national, but it proves that we have today Digital Security Solutions essential to ensure the sovereignty of the country ".

Advantages for companies and buyers

In accordance with Decree No. 8186, the Certics, which is valid for 24 months ensures the cerificadas companies' preference in auctions conducted within the federal government to permit the acquisition of software and related services. "

Rodrigo Fragola, President of Aker, "the Certics finally creates a differential for domestic software developers. The preference in the purchase of Brazilian products in notices favors a wide range of companies that tend to have better performance in a market that represents 50% of the purchasing power in computer science. "

The benefits of Certics also extend up to buyers.

Moreover, according Fragola, "in most developed countries, such as Germany, the culture is to purchase products from local businesses, creating, over time, a financial spin located in the country. So was decreased sending royaltes

Evaluation Methodology

The evaluation methodology Certics is focused on analyzing a body of evidence relating to four areas: technological development, Technology Management, Business Management and Continuous Improvement. According to Fragola, the process "ensures mainly that the company in question has real field of technology that is developing and is not just a mere licensing of foreign products. From a security point of view, shows that the products are free of backdoors inserted by other countries. "