Do you know everything that happens in your company`s IT environment? Do you have control of the most accessed sites by employees? How is your network`s availability? Is your business always online?

In Brazil, 97% ¹ of the companies are connected to the Internet. A study on companies in Brazil, shows that 52%² of these companies have had their sensitive data stolen due malware attacks. This happens because as the Internet connection grows, the hackers attacks follow it. Companies may receive 247.400³ cyber attacks daily, beside the time taken to detect these attacks. Have you ever imagine if you could prevent these attacks through an efficient network management?

Protect your business with Aker Firewall UTM 6.8!

Aker has raised its level of automation and created a true Digital Fortress by including a number of features to its UTM Firewall, in addition, preserving the network environment integrity, enabling an efficient management of data traffic. The Failover Rules features, an exclusive feature of Aker Firewall UTM, allow users to automatically sets the priorities of network traffic, in order to prioritize the most important services of your business.

Now you can create multiple secure connections between headquarters and branch offices of your corporate network, also reducing costs with dedicated links, establishing VPNs among Aker Firewall UTM and others software that support OpenVPN. This feature allows the balancing of two VPNs and the creation of secure routes to be automatically triggered in case the main Internet link goes offline.

Meet the new Aker Firewall and discover what your business will gain by acquiring this powerful Unified Threat Management solution!

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(2) Source: Exame magazine
(3) Source: Economic Value SA

Protect your network with Aker Firewall UTM 6.8

Our projects offer the best cost-benefit on the market!


Check out Aker Firewall UTM 6.8 new features!

Failover Rules

Let Aker Firewall automatically configure the priorities of your network's traffic. With this feature, you can keep essential services running, such as ERP or payment system, and disable others, such as web users' access, in case the main Internet link goes offline.


Connect to the corporate network securely, establish VPN between Aker Firewall and others software that support OpenVPN. OpenVPN enables the balancing of two VPNs and the creation of secure routes, which will be automatically triggered if the main Internet link is goes offline.

Smart Link Load Balancing

Keep your network running at peak performance, regardless the number of Internet links that are active. Aker Firewall 6.8 enables the Link Load Balancing by policy, offering four (4) different options: Link Failover, Percentage, connections and TCP Performance.

Detailed reports

Create custom security reports in a simply manner and without the need for programming! Improve your network and staff performance by identifying downloads, most visited sites, incoming flow and outgoing packets, users, among others options.

Proxy IMAP

Avoid infection by malicious file attachments and e-mail messages using an additional layer of antivirus protection. Aker Firewall UTM 6.8 also filters attachments even if the IMAP connection is encrypted.

More robust hardware

The new Enterprise appliances for Aker Firewall UTM 6.8, offers the best settings equipped with 40 Giga Throughput, memory options up to 96 Gbytes and up to 64 network interfaces.

Authentication support for Citrix and Terminal Service environments

Control user access` profiles even though they are connected to the same Remote Terminal server and increase your network security.

Timeout connection

Optimize your network usage and customize the connection time for each application/service. Avoid the loss of connection to web services, databases and more.

Find out what you have to gain by purchasing this complete solution Digital Security!

Aker Firewall features.

  • Automated and centralized management
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Complete security reports
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Transparent mode (Bridge)
  • Link Aggregation
Major Benefits
  • High security, availability, flexibility and scalability
  • Fully adaptable to your business reality
  • The best cost-benefit on the market
  • High level support
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Increase productivity
  • Clientless Authentication (BYOD)
  • Quick and secure Wireless network access
  • No registration required
  • Less human intervention
  • Robust Hardware
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