Meet the CelAzul and discover the future of business communications.

According to data from Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), currently, Brazil has more than 280 million active mobile linesWith 148 million devices with internet access (3G). Growth that is reflected in the corporate market, especially with the adoption of BYOD policy (Bring Your Own DeviceIn English), which allows employees to use their own mobile devices to work.

In a scenario marked by digital espionage accusations, such as global surveillance operations led by the National Agency of American Security and developed by former CIA officer and NSA, Edward Snowden, protect information, and more valuable that exists in an organizationIs fundamental.

In order to maintain the confidentiality of Brazilian communications and meet the needs of organizations to Z Technology and Aker developed CelAzul.

Platform secure communication in mobile network, CelAzul is a set of applications, operating system and servers developed with Brazilian technology, which provides a trusted environmentWith privacy security and mobility for the exchange of strategic information between the company's employees.

Preserve confidential information using a secure phone!

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Find out what you win by acquiring CelAzul platform


The CelAzul implements the most modern and strong cryptographic techniques today, with the customization ability of cryptographic features.


In order to provide full mobility to users, CelAzul automatically manages all network change which the user is submitted, WiFi or 3G / 4G.


Ongoing challenge for mobile platforms, especially for smartphones, CelAzul enables intelligent management of battery consumption, combining the use of safety.


Wireless networks (WLAN) often have higher quality connection to mobile networks, 3G and 4G. The CelAzul has the exclusive service of PTT communication (Walkie Talkie) to operate normally in both situations.


The central infrastructure CelAzul is hosted on high availability dates centers that ensure continuity of service to the user.


The CelAzul platform supports any number of business users. As new users are incorporated, are easily added to the corporate network.


The platform has custom cryptographic algorithm, with the possibility of auditing the technological components and increased extra security features.


You can add extra security features, raising the platform level of protection, according to the corporation's needs.

Why é sure?
  • Backdoors book;
  • Uses strong encryption standard military;
  • To-end security;
  • Project R & amp; D Brazilian;
  • Audit possibility;
  • Segregated architecture of the protected network;
  • Control of infrastructure;
  • Secure network management;
  • Physical protection of infrastructure.
Why not invest CelAzul?
  • Prevention against eavesdropping and other vulnerabilities in communications;
  • Individual and corporate privacy;
  • Exclusive services such as voice messages;
  • Data storage in Brazil;
  • Top Values ​​of the market;
  • Sustainable technology, management of battery consumption;
  • Software developed in Brazil and Portuguese;
  • Compatible with iOS and Android;
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
Major Benefits
  • Green IT & amp; Innovation
  • Integration of networks
  • Brazilian Technology
  • Security
  • In favor of the preservation of the environment
  • Increase Productivity and Competitiveness
  • Agility
  • Convenience
  • Reduced risk
  • Exclusive service PUSH TO TALK
  • P&D Nacional

Avoid leakage of important information!

Perform calls, send and receive messages, e-mails, access the Internet and documents, all with strong cryptographic protection.