News Aker makes a Corporate Partnership with Invest Tech

Publicado em 14 de Dezembro de 2015

Aker Security Solutions announces that it will start 2016 celebrating a strategic partnership that will be highly relevant for the future of the company as well as its collaborators, customers and business partners.

After analyzing many technology companies, Invest Tech – a fund managing and investing company specialized in the IT area – selected Aker to receive a significant capital investment that will leverage its competitive level.

With Invest Tech’s financial backing, Aker strengthens its profile as a high-level player in the globalized technology market for cybernetic security and information security.

Aker will have higher investment capacity, even more effective management of processes, and a substantial R&D resource injection in order to maximize and diversify its portfolio advantages, which is already widely recognized and repeatedly detected by global consulting company radars, such as Gartner’s.

The administrative structure and the staff will continue the same, as well as the relationship policies with partners and the supply chain.

The current delivery models and the determinations contained in the technical and commercial contracts signed by Aker will also be maintained, as well as the commitment with quality and evolution featured in the company’s history.

Aker thanks its collaborators, customers, partners and vendors that contributed to its continued growth and improvement in terms of management, contribution to the society, and superior quality in technology, products, and services.

Aker will soon reveal more details on this important achievement.

Rodrigo Jonas F.
President, Aker Security Solutions