Since its inception in 2001, Bitdefender has continued to raise the bar to set new standards in proactive threat prevention and virus removal, in many cases leading the way in the best Internet security detection techniques to prevent the spread of malicious threats. Thanks to its first-class products and state of the art technologies, the company rapidly expanded into a worldwide leader. Bitdefender made its entrance on the international market when opening offices in the UK, USA, Germany, France and Spain, as well as establishing strategic partnerships and a local presence in over 100 countries globally.

The Bitdefender proprietary technologies, based on innovative ideas and leading trends in the information security industry, continue to be internationally recognized as the best Internet security software.

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Enterprise Security reinvented for workstations, servers, virtualized environments and mobile devices control.


Bitdefender GravityZone suite combines a powerful security system for existing servers and workstations with enhanced security for virtual and mobile environments, based on a new virtualized control system architecture.

Organizations may choose to deploy one or all three security services within GravityZone: Security for virtualized environments, Security for Endpoints and Security for Mobile Devices.

Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE)

Platform-neutral antimalware service specifically designed for today’s complex datacenters protects any number of virtualized desktops and servers running on Windows and Linux systems.

Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE), the platform-neutral antimalware service specifically designed for today’s complex datacenters, is powered by intelligent caching mechanisms built for improved performance. As opposed to traditional antimalware, Bitdefender centralizes all the scanning and update processes on Security Server, a tamperproof virtual appliance, which helps deduplicate critical resources and diminish I/O activity on the physical host.

virtualized environmentMajor Benefits

• Protects virtualized servers and desktops(VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization or any other virtualized technology);
• Operating Systems (guess) Windows, Linux, and Solaris;
• Minimize data leakage and malware outbreak risks with the number one ranked protection technology from Bitdefender;
• Easy to implement and manage from a centralized web-based console acting as a unique point of control for the IT personnel;
• Minimized Administrative Overhead;
• #1 ranked technology - AV-TEST Product Reviews;
• Simplified management.

Security for Endpoints

HigProvides the highly scalable Endpoint Security that businesses require for protection against malware and web threats.. Designed from the ground up to meet the challenges in corporate environments.

endpointsMajor Benefits

• Enhanced security with industry-awarded antimalware technologies;
• Massively scalable architecture, high availability and performance;
• Comprehensive feature set;
• Simplified Security Management;
• Simple Rollout;

Security for Mobile Devices

Fully integrated with GravityZone Control Center, Safety solution for Mobile Devices (SMD) of Bitfdefender is designed to support the adoption of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), applying security policies on all iOS and Android devices. Thus, mobile devices are controlled and their confidential information and data is protected. The SMD helps organizations maintain compliance and minimize IT efforts.

mobileDevicesMajor Benefits

• Unified Security to minimize administrative overhead;
• Number-one-ranked antimalware technology;
The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon;
• Enforces simple but effective screen lock and authentication;
• Prevents usage of lost or stolen devices;
• Detects altered devices;
• Adapts into security needs of both professional and personal life.

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Cloud protection

The centrally managed security solution provides immediate savings for small and medium businesses by eliminating the need for onsite infrastructure or dedicated resources.

Cloud Security for Endpoints by Bitdefender simply delivers the benefits of an enterprise on-premise security solution for end-user systems and servers without the overhead of additional software, hardware and dedicated IT staff. This makes it the preferred choice for organizations looking for a cost-effective security solution that is simple to manage, yet also flexible and robust. Whether the organization has a single office, geographically distant sites, or a remote workforce, Cloud Security for Endpoints provides full visibility over the current security posture and threat landscape.

  • Complete Protection for cloud environments;
  • Console in the cloud;
  • Advanced threat detection technologies and optimizations such as Bitdefender Photon;
  • Web Content filtering;
  • Antivirus, Antispyware, Antiphishing, Trojan / Rootkit detection;
  • Quick install and management.

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