What is the Price Registration System?

The Price Registration System - SRP is the formal record prices for future purchases of goods and / or services in special hiring situations.

The section II of Art.15 of Law No. 8,666 / 93 provides that purchases, whenever possible, should be processed by Price Registration System.

Prices Registration Accession Manual -
Federation of Mato Grosso State Industries - FIEMT

In the attached document, mentioned relevant information to the prices registration process carried out by the Federation of Mato Grosso State Industries - FIEMT to hiring company specialized in providing integrated solution consisting of hardware and software to access security architecture network data. - Firewall Solution UTM (Unified Threat Management), licensing, preventive maintenance, corrective, evolutionary and technological upgrade of Aker Firewall software, aimed at information security improvement in FIEMT system, lasting up to twelve (12) months.