Tidings Cybersecurity: how to have in your company

Posted on 30 May 2018

financial loss and loss of credibility. These are the critical impact that any company suffers when neglect information security. The Cybersecurity should be a priority, regardless of industry and size of the organization.

Cybersecurity is a set of technologies, processes and best practices that aims to protect networks, computers, programs and data, and especially, users against attacks, unauthorized access or damage.

What businesses should know about Cybersecurity

Ensuring cyber security requires coordinated efforts that affect all departments. The elements that are part of the Cyber ​​Security theme include:

  • Security of business applications
  • Information security / data
  • Network Security
  • disaster recovery / business continuity
  • operational safety
  • Education / end-user awareness

One of the most problematic elements involving cyber security is the rapid nature and constant evolution of cyber attacks, so the importance, for the companies, they have a proactive and preventive approach, including continuous monitoring and ratings in real time.

The importance of investing in Cybersecurity

Companies need to be ready to act before security and cyber attack incidents. You have to be able to prevent and detect in order to deal with cyber attacks and their impact.

To achieve any goal or objective, it is essential that companies make investments, including trained personnel and able to understand considered routine operations tools and detect when they move away from a state considered normal.

Still on the impact of the lack of investment and care Cybersecurity, however challenging it may seem for a company, especially those who have IT as a means, not an end, it is necessary to protect the personal information of customers and employees, information financial and operating against theft, disclosure or unauthorized changes, running the risk of being extinct due to a security incident.

Search prevention is the first step against an attack

Find a plan for cyber security company consists of objectives that organizations need to achieve to consider ready to prevent and treat incidents. Although there is a wide range of actions related to information security that should be applied in a company, the strategy must fit the reality of each organization.

However, there are minimum requirements needed to provide an organization with a reasonable level of cyber security, focusing on protection of assets considered critical for a business.

  1. Set goals and security objectives

To achieve any goal or objective that involves Cybersecurity will need a plan that provides guidance for these purposes. Information security is the overall aim of several goals that lead to a state of readiness appropriate to situations of cyber attacks and security incidents.

  1. Perform risk management

The Cybersecurity is an activity linked directly to risk management, which helps to identify information assets, people, business processes and critical technologies which are necessary for daily operations, mission fulfillment and continuity of operations.

  1. Prioritize identity management

You must have adequate access to information resources and an understanding of how they are used and by whom. The access control, authentication, authorization and reports are part of a set of mechanisms that assist in identity management.

  1. Keep constant monitoring network

Monitor the network is to control, in a security context, every packet that travels on the company network. It is the ability to analyze what information is flowing into your infrastructure and whether this flow is safe.

The search for the ideal solution

The elements described above, in addition to showing some of the priority requirements to ensure the company's Cybersecurity also help in choosing a complete solution to be adopted by the organization. Choosing the ideal solution is to reconcile the critical components, objectives and goals outlined, fit the reality of the company and where it wants to go in the future.

The security architecture must move beyond the previously described items. You must ensure that you can reach an evolutionary level of security and appropriate the reality of different types of business, as to its size and sector.

Finally, it is noteworthy that a company needs to achieve awareness of their operations and network utilization. Without an understanding of their most important assets, understand how their information systems and networks operate and how their information systems support business operations, an organization can not achieve the goal of ensuring their cybersecurity.

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