Clipping Several Portals - Vulnerability in Virtual and Physical Country Retail Points

Posted on 30 August 2016

After spreading IP cameras as who spreads bulbs in stores, trade can already start the unification of digital and physical security

image department store

Image department store

The global retail industry is advancing admirably in a multifaceted discipline that came to be called "loss prevention" and that involves since the loss fails the controls of stock, to the losses caused by theft or fraud in the digital payment system.

Not too open range in this article, I propose a skimming the security vulnerabilities that the sector must face to remedy a notoriously huge sangria, which are the losses due to failure in business security, more specifically, in the digital apparatus and electronic available to prevent attacks on gondolas, the cashier and customer databases.

It is therefore included in this list the categories of cyber risk and traditional physical vulnerability (which gives rise to theft or misuse of products), so that one can think of a holistic view (unified) of the question of retail losses and their respective prevention.

We will specifically target the network trade, since this is the predominant form in the current retail industry, although the general approach fits well to the isolated settlements.

The first finding is that the industry has adopted certain reasonable measures such as the use of tracking tags with alarm (RFID) to prevent the departure of unpaid products, an increasingly common initiative, mainly in product stores high unit value, such as perfumeries, appliance stores and clothing.

Among the sophisticated items dissemination phase are surveillance cameras, many of them associated with environmental analyzers can detect people in sudden movement, or even with biometric readers for facial registration of suspects.

Initiatives are still incipient in most networks in Brazil, as evidenced by industry research showing that only 35% of supermarkets and atacarejos have teams dedicated to planning and prevention.

But a more troubling topic, in my view, is highly vulnerable scenario of computer structure at the country's points of sale, which increases dramatically the physical security itself.

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