Tidings Why do I need N-Stalker Cloud WAF?

Posted on 30 May 2018

In order to filter and block data packets from a Web application, N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution has the difficult challenge of avoiding potentially harmful traffic to information security, which may cause negative impacts on companies and users.

Known as Web Application Firewall (Web Application Firewall), the acquisition of this type of solution has never been so important, particularly in times of constant attacks, with attackers seeking unauthorized access to sensitive data such as credit card numbers and records customers, so you can use this information to commit identity theft, financial fraud and other crimes.

The importance for companies and customers

Much more to defend the company, N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution aims to protect people. Your privacy, your personal and financial data, be they customers, employees, suppliers and even top management.

Reality shows us that the purpose of the attacks is not concentrated only in harm a company or an institution, the goal is to find vulnerabilities that can impact anyone, either hitting her financially or morally.

N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution prevents these attacks, focusing on business applications, compromise Web servers and databases that are part of its architecture, avoiding data breaches.

The information security assurance brings organizations the challenge of directly address existing vulnerabilities in business applications that are part of the production environment. There is not a trivial way for companies to make it on their own, without having to resort to solutions that can protect their corporate applications and data. N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution meets that goal.

N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution meets important safety requirements

Companies in general are often required to meet policies, regulations or other set of security requirements. As an example we quote: the requirements linked to PCI DSS, ISO or other government regulations.

On existing requirements, companies have the need to use tools that assess vulnerabilities in business applications. By the nature of its architecture and functions, N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution meets different requirements related to security:

  • Ensuring Web application security
  • Application of Virtual Patch
  • attack prevention
  • Combating fraud
  • Application protection policies

In addition to safety standards, such as PCI (Security Standards Council), as mentioned earlier, we have frameworks dedicated to Web applications such as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), which also seeks to ensure information security.

How N-Stalker solution Cloud WAF

To understand the importance of adopting the N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution, you need to have the vision of its operation, which is based on the security control to protect Web applications against exploits, like zero-day vulnerabilities, impersonation and vulnerabilities known intrusion patterns.

Through custom inspections, N-Stalker solution is able to prevent XSS attacks (cross-site scripting, SQL injection attacks, session hijacking and Buffer Overflow. Vulnerabilities that traditional network firewalls and other intrusion detection systems they are unable to do satisfactorily.

N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution is especially useful and efficient for companies that provide products or services over the Internet and seek to preserve the integrity of the company, its customers and employees.

The challenge of maintaining a secure Web

What makes the Web so challenging security is the need to maintain widespread availability, maintaining the proper authorization to users and data security. Those are just some of the reasons why many companies now adopt the N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution with great success.

Although Web applications are fantastic unresolved problems of our daily lives, they also create opportunities for attacks that cause loss of direct revenue, customer loss of confidence and loss of confidential data.

N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution ensures credibility with customers, allows scalable and finally security, saves time monitoring through certified tools that ensure business continuity.