The companies` communication with suppliers, clients, and employees normally is done via email, which is the most practical and economical way to exchange information. However, is necessary to be aware of some threats, hidden among the numerous messages, which the corporations receive daily.

Protect your business data is essential, therefore Aker offers a management and security system for email servers for your network environment. The solution provides email security, prevents undesired messages from reaching your Inbox and all traditional email control techniques. All of it, in an intuitive platform that facilitates the network administrator tasks.

Take Aker's solutions to protect your business.

Our projects offer the best cost-benefit on the market!


Find out what you have to gain by acquiring the Aker Secure Mail Gateway


Create access profiles by group or user, setting specific rules of sending and receiving emails.


Detect and block suspicious emails with the least amount of traffic and save the computing resources of your network.


Check emails according to keywords and define the actions to be taken automatically on the occurrence of these words.


All files can be filtered by extension (eg * .jpg), MIME type (eg application) or actual type (eg executable files for Windows).


The product is integrated with Aker Antivirus Module and performs emails verification. Also, virus, spywares, and Trojan horses disinfection.


Block spam bot actions. With this feature, unknown senders receive a message and need to authenticate themselves, proving they are actual email issuers.


Prevent users belonging to other network environments to send messages using internal emails servers.

  • Email tracking
  • Spam rating with Bayesian analysis
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Security reports
  • Single administration of white-list and black-list
  • Automated and centralized management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integration with third-party systems
Major Benefits
  • High security, availability, flexibility and scalability
  • The best cost-benefit on the market
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Fully adaptable to your business reality
  • High level of support
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