Websites, social networks, and IM (instant messaging) tend to divert employees' attention in the work environment. However, they are also a great source of information and research; in addition, they are also practical communication channels. Prohibit its use or allowing unrestricted access are not the best approaches for this matter.

Recently, the alternative adopted by companies is navigation control, which is the service Aker Web Gateway provides. With Aker Web Gateway you can create user profiles in your network, defining what type of content can be accessed within your company, and restrict the access to certain websites, and even create rules of use for social networks and IM (Instant messaging).

Take Aker's solutions to protect your business.

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Find out what your business will gain by acquiring Aker Web Gateway

Web Content Filtering

Create and monitor electronic security policies. Just set user profiles and choose when, for how long and each users can access the Internet.

IM FILTER (Instant Messenger)

Set access rules to Instant Messenger. Make the best choice for your company and invest in employee's productivity in the workplace.


High performance and availability. With Cluster, you will keep your network available without interruptions and Internet access control at all times.


Detect, remove, and block viruses in files transferred by your web browser, Instant messenger applications (IM) and in emails.

  • Transparent mode (Bridge)
  • Classification of over 70 websites' categories
  • Filtering module in application-level for HTTP protocol
  • Daily update of website addresses
  • Access reports and summarized and specific blocking.
  • Database in Portuguese
Major Benefits
  • High security, availability, flexibility and scalability
  • The best cost-benefit on the market
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Fully adaptable to your business reality
  • High level of support
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