Developed to expand the monitoring capabilities of Aker Monitoring Service and the generation of logs for Aker Report Center, this module raises much information from the network and allows the solutions integrated to it, produce more detailed reports.

Among the major advantages offered by Aker Sensor, highlights the low cost of the installation, which dispenses changes in the network topology. Furthermore, by acting in bridge mode Aker Sensor has the ability to work in a very transparent manner.

Excellent tool to assist in decision-making processes and IT Governance, assisting in the network mapping, offering the most cost-effective way to perform this activity.

Main information generated by Aker Sensor
  • Link Consumption;
  • Network traffic;
  • Number of logged users;
  • Websites accessed by users;
  • Workstations that are infected by viruses;
  • Attacks on the network;
Why invest in Aker Sensor?
  • Generation of information, which are subsequently transformed into data by Aker Monitoring and Aker Report Center;
  • Assists creating network security policies;
  • Maps virtual attacks suffered by the network and helps preventing new attacks;
  • Important tool for IT Governance;
  • Provides excellent cost-benefit;
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