News After merger, Aker N-Stalker has 20% growth in new business and announces launches for 2018

Publicado em 6 de março de 2018

After receiving investment of R$ 15 million from Invest Tech, which allowed the merger with N-Stalker and the development of new solutions, the company accelerates a technological evolution with new launches that add more security to customers.

São Paulo, January 31st, 2018 – Aker N-Stalker, a leading national company in digital security technologies, announces growth after the first year of unified operations. In addition to the results, the company announces the release of solutions for 2018: The N-Stalker Cloud WAF with Protected Website Seal and Aker UTM updates.

Following the merger of Aker and N-Stalker, the company achieved a 20% growth in new business, attracting more than 50 clients in Brazil and abroad.

To Thiago Zaninotti, CTO and co-founder of Aker N-Stalker, “the most effective way to ensure enterprise security remains the vulnerability lifecycle management, which is often overlooked. After the merger, we started to offer to our customers one of the most complete vulnerability management solutions on market nowadays”.

Launch and New Releases

As part of the launch strategy, Aker N-Stalker announces new solutions that add security to applications in cloud. With these offers, the company makes available to its customers technologies capable of performing vulnerability analysis of application, virtual patch and WAF (Web Application Firewall), besides offering a protection seal with prices adherent to the various sizes of business.

The N-Stalker Cloud WAF is an online platform designed to test and correct site vulnerabilities using N-Stalker’s patented security technology. Added to this service is the support of the company’s cybersecurity specialists.

“Attacks on web applications are the main source of information leakage and approximately 96% of applications have some kind of vulnerability”, said Thiago Zaninotti. “This launch is part of the company’s vision to develop solutions to create a safer world against cyber threats by demonstrating all R & D investment with an approach focused on protecting business applications.”

The company also introduces the Aker Firewall UTM 7 update. “In addition to the web management dashboard, version 7.0.1 includes new threat detection technology, intelligent application filtering and sandbox system integration, enabling more efficient management of safety of the corporate perimeter”, said Rodrigo Fragola, CEO and co-founder of Aker N-Stalker.

Projections 2018

Building on the good results achieved in a challenging year like 2017, the company believes it is on the right track to offer increasingly robust solutions to its customers. Thus, Aker N-Stalker’s perspective is that the scenario for 2018 presents itself with more opportunities and challenges in information security and, in this sense, to continue with the pace of growth for this year.

About Aker N-Stalker

In March 2017, begins the merger of Aker Security Solutions, a leading Brazilian developer of digital security and cyber defense products, that was founded in 1997 and the N-Stalker founded in 2000, by a group of security experts with the goal of develop advanced projects against digital threats and since then has been acting strongly in providing innovative solutions for companies of all sizes and governing bodies in 28 countries. Its research and development laboratory is recognized worldwide as a benchmark in detection and control technologies for cyberattacks and response to security events. The Aker N-Stalker ecosystem consists of Aker Firewall UTM / NGFW, N-Stalker Web Application Scanner, N-Stalker Web Application Firewall, and N-Stalker Cloud WAF solutions. In addition, the unified N-Stalker Cloud WAF solution is the first in the market to have native functionality of Virtual Patching, that is, an automatic vulnerability correction system. N-Stalker’s application scanning technology is recognized and ranked in the global “Magic Quadrant” from Gartner.

About Invest Tech

Invest Tech is a Private Equity and Venture Capital firm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Invest Tech has an unique and deep operations management know-how coupled with a significant investment experience acquired in more than 10 years developing strategic transactions and investments in the region. We support amazing entrepreneurs with strong execution bias to build leading companies in their respective sectors. Invest Tech has invested over US$150 million in 13 companies, in both pre-series A and Growth stages.